Public housing resident and Adams Houses President Ronald Topping leads a protest against privatization outside the NYCHA offices in downtown Manhattan March 23. (Photo: Griffin Kelly/Mott Haven Herald)

Appendix 1: List of Black media sources analyzed

African American News
African News Digest
Arizona Informant
Atlanta Daily World
Atlanta Tribune
Atlanta Voice
Austin Weekly News
Baltimore Afro-American
Bay State Banner
Birmingham Times
Black Agenda Report
Black America Web
Black Chronicle
Black Enterprise
Black News
Black Star News
Black Voice News
Capital Outlook
Carolina Peacemaker
The Champion
Chicago Crusader
Chicago Defender
Cincinnati Herald
The Community Voice
Dallas Examiner
Dallas Post Tribune
Dallas Weekly
Data News Weekly
Defender Network
Ethiopian Observer
Florida Courier
Florida Sentinel-Bulletin
Florida Sun-Review
The Gary Crusader
Greater Diversity News
Greene County Democrat
The Grio
Haitian Times
Houston Forward Times
Hudson Valley Press
HuffPost Black Voices
Indianapolis Recorder
Jackson Advocate
Jacksonville Free Press
Kansas City Call
LA Watts Times
Louisiana Weekly
Madison Times
Michigan Chronicle
Milwaukee Community Journal
Milwaukee Courier

Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Mississippi Link
Muslim Journal
Precinct Reporter
The Root
Sacramento Observer
Sahan Journal
San Antonio Observer
San Diego Voice and Viewpoint
San Francisco Bay View
Savannah Herald
Savannah Tribune
Seattle Medium
South Florida Times
Telegram Newspaper
Tennessee Tribune
Tri-State Defender
Washington Informer
The Weekly Challenger
Westside Gazette
Westside Story Newspaper
Wilmington Journal
Winston-Salem Chronicle
WURD Radio
Your Black World

Appendix 2: Topics and subtopics used in analysis framework